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CEDex was created to organize, streamline, and manage all of your continuing education (CE) needs.

CE Data Exchange (CEDex) securely stores the data for all entities that utilize accreditation in one convenient place. CEDex authenticates, tracks and automatically delivers the completed CE units to regulators and other organizations involved in the continuing education process for your profession.  All current and historical information is organized and available to be shared instantly—with no need for paper whatsoever.

Features that connect everyone

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  • Educational offerings easily searchable by learners giving them easier access to your service
  • Simple, secure, electronic CE activity submissions
  • No more error-prone passing along of data
  • Submit, report, aggregate CE
    without difficulty


  • Reminders and tracking of your needed CE
  • Automate submission of CE to your regulator or certifier
  • Easy access to available courses with your smartphone or PC
  • No more paperwork—all completed credits are submitted electronically for you


  • All CE tracked is 100% verifiable
  • CE data is available for mining and sharing to help shape policy for the profession
  • Ad-hoc reporting to analyze trends in the profession and gaps in learning
  • Full verification of reported CE and BI reporting with limitless metrics


  • Access to data that you never had before
  • Extensible for adding continuing
    professional development
  • An accurate repository about learners, their continuing education, and their learning activities
  • Accreditations for other
    states will also be correlated
    and tracked


  • Vision, automation, and accuracy of CE activities for your profession
  • Share data securely with
    any audience
  • Manage accredited or non-accredited CE effectively and efficiently
  • Increase revenue, mitigate funding challenges
  • Provides clear trackable indicators (think Google analytics)

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With CEDex, we untangle the snarl of ongoing continuing education (CE) requirements by creating a central, secure, accessible hub that provides transparency and flawless communication for CE Providers, Practitioners/Learners, Regulators, 3rd Parties/Employers, and Accreditors/Certifiers. 

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